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WayBill Properties

The WayBill type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActualWeight
Actual Weight , Mandatory
Public propertyBranch
Branch of the User, Mandatory
Public propertyClientWeight
Client Weight
Public propertyComments
Public propertyCompany
Company Code,Mandatory
Public propertyContentSdtl
Description of the Content in the Package
Public propertyCustomerId
Customer Id , Mandatory
Public propertyDeclaredValue
Declared Value
Public propertyDeliveryAddress
Address Information of Consignee, Mandatory,This is the object of class Address Info
Public propertyElectronicWeight
Electronic Weight
Public propertyGUIANumber
GUIA Number
Public propertyHeight
Height Of the Package
Public propertyIdtrx
Transaction ID, Mandatory
Public propertyLength
Length of the Package
Public propertyPassword
User Login Password, Mandatory
Public propertyPickUpConsignee
Pickpup Cosignee Id , Mandatory
Public propertyPickupRequestDate
Public propertyPieces
No.Of Pieces , Mandatory
Public propertyService
Service Id,Mandatory
Public propertyUnitDimension
Dimensional Unit
Public propertyUsername
User Login Id, Mandatory
Public propertyWarehouseid
Warehouse Id
Public propertyWarehouseidloc
Warehouse Location
Public propertyWeightUnit
Weight Unit
Public propertyWidth
Width of the Package
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